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Monday, March 12, 2007

Little Goat gruff

BEHOLD, THIS, is the new process. I have slaved and searched for years and years. Gone to the ends of the earth wearing not but a pair of sandals. Searched the darkest corners of the soul. And have arrived here. In a vision it was given to me. Del Thompson appeared in smoke and light and with a role of secret drafting paper in one hand and a trumpet in the other. He handed me the paper, and said, "Use this, and prosper mightily." Then he raised the horn and blew it with all the fury of a winter storm, right in my ear. And then I awoke to my cell phone ringing an awful fanfare ring I had not set it to. But I had it. I had the simple three step process to re-align the solar system. To set the stars, once and for all, to rights.


  1. Can you give more details to the holy grail process?
    What dimensions are you using?
    I assume the last one is digital. Did you scan and work directly over the 2nd one?

  2. Justin, these are awesome! Especially the finished piece. I love the detail... the remnant bells in the grass, the crows happy to get their next meal, the annoyed look on the troll's face, the alarmed but unsure look on the goat's, the slight green glow from the troll's pipe, the curling smoke tipping the goat off. And the sky is such a perfect balance between realism and cartoon. Amazing.

  3. Justin, I left you some admiring remarks on your old blog. I loooove your work and thoughts on this project! Have you seen Theodor Kittelsen's classic illustrations to this Norwegian fairy tale?

  4. http://kittelsen.efenstor.net/thumbnails.php?album=10

    Fairly good site with plenty of Kittelsen's fairy tale illustrations -- lots of trolls! I recall all these illustrations from my youthful readings, they're all classics in Norway and reprinted in a hundred books.

    I am looking hugely forward to your illustrated tale about goats and trolls!

  5. Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You are a very inspiring illustrator! I can't wait to visit your blog again when you post something new. Love your work!

  7. Hello. i`m very bed speak english but i want to say: you are perfect!!!

    from Russia, zlobniyhrundel

  8. Stunning! Absolute speechlessness as I drool over your creations.

    Beautiful! Love oozes from every mark u make with a paintbrush & pencil.


  9. Love your artwork, Justin.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. I love this so much. I teach year 1`s art and we have been looking at fairytales so when I stumbled across this I was very excited. I have shown your pictures to my class and they used chalk pastels to do their own impressions. I love these pieces!