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Monday, December 08, 2008

Riddles in the Dark: Thumbnails

Once again I return to my love of caves for the scene of the Bilbo and Gollum's riddle game from The Hobbit.  
Of all the characters that I lost in my mind after having seen Peter Jackson's rendition, Gollum was probably the one best kept intact. I thoroughly enjoyed the stunning work that Jackson, Weta and Andy Serkis did to bring this potentially difficult character to life on the big screen. They managed to make him convincing, threatening, miserable and human in a way that I had not seen as possible outside of classic animation techniques. 
However, in spite of the solid designs I never did quite forget how I had seen Gollum and I have tried to recreate here what I remember.  You will probably think it all looks the same, that one rose blossom looks like another, but there were a few odd points in my mind that I always saw a bit differently. So we shall have to see how they turn out.  

1 comment:

  1. Really loving the thumbnails and doodles. It's great to see the thinking.