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Friday, June 12, 2009

Terrible Yellow Eyes: Final

There has been a lot of really great work showing up on the Terrible Yellow Eyes site.
One of my particular favorites is Peter DeSeve's contribution. It is perfect.


After finishing this piece, I went back and began working again on some more Tolkien-related work. This time from The Two Towers. I had planned to do a piece in oil.
But the sketch I came up with was terrifying. In fact, it was so terrifying, so utterly horrifying, that I actually had to put it down. And now I don't know if I will finish it. It's still there, under the stack of books by the pencils, recluse and staring at me with beady eyes.
It's been a very long time since I did anything that genuinely freaked me out to the point that I had to stop.

Tune in next week.


  1. Great job on this one... love the lighting.

  2. Oh man, your submission was one of my favorites, hands down. You can't have a lead up to a piece like that and then not post it! I definitely wanna see this freaky troll now...

  3. What a cliffhanger, man.. I am so stoked to see your Two Towers piece :)