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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doomhammer 2010: Comp

I hate technology.
But not as much as I love it.

I've gotten away from doing action perspectives in recent years, having been so taken by the formal compositional arrangements of the Romantic and Victorian painters. But every now and again I like to go back to my comic book roots and do something really outlandish.

I liked the perspective in my original thumbnail, but something about the arrangement of the bridge pylons kept bothering me. So I decided to try to lay out my scene in Google's free 3d program, Sketchup to try and solve the problem. It only took about an hour to figure out, and after that it was pretty easy to work the scene out and solve the perspective issues.

It seems fitting that I would end up using technology to help me work on my piece about how much I sometimes hate technology.


  1. "I hate technology.
    But not as much as I love it."

    Yeah man!!

    I like especially this image, and the previous post!!

  2. Really diggin' where this is headed!

  3. Why is it that tech can boost our creativity so much, but then turn right around and kick us in the shins? One of the great mysteries of life.
    This is looking very interesting by the way - especially the perspective.

  4. A very great composition, and dinamic use of perspective!

  5. Hey dude. Love seeing your progress! can't wait to see the final.

  6. Nice! I have been wondering about SketchUp. Looks like I'm off to download it now :)

  7. I can attest to the fact that the finished painting of this piece has ripped a hole in the sun.

  8. Same here. I am lazy to learn how to use sketchup properly but have to admit it is a great tool. Except I get frustrated when I use it because I am a newbie at it.
    I suppose I could also just use cardboard boxes and tubes as our "ancestors" did ;)