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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harry Potter Show at Gallery Nucleus

For those of you who keep up with the comings and goings at Hogwart's, the Gallery Nucleus is having a Harry Potter Tribute Show July 9th - August 1. I was asked to contribute a painting to the show, and having thoroughly enjoyed the novels myself (via the fantastic audiobook performance by Jim Dale) I was eager to work on one.
When I started thinking, which scene should I choose? I realized that there were far too many great ones and couldn't make up my mind. In the end I wanted to focus more on a specific character.
I landed on the misanthropic house-elf Kreacher. His story of Master Regulus and the locket is one of my favorite moments in the latter parts of the series.

Drawing on Bristol
Inkwash over pencil
(I did not end up spray-fixing this one, and you can see the pencil has all but vanished.)
Watercolor and Ink on Bristol


  1. Hi Justin
    Great work, i was just wondering.. do you ink before or after doing the painting?

  2. Hi Justin
    Great work, i was just wondering... dou you ink before or after the painting?

  3. In this case I did a little of both. The second stage was an inkwash to lock in the values, then I added color with watercolors. For the final stage I reinforced everything in ink again.
    This is the classic Rackham-Dulac method.

    For a more thorough outline of this method check out William Stout's article: http://www.williamstout.com/news/journal/?p=3

  4. Hey Justin, Are you using regular bristol board? How is it not buckling after all of the washes?

  5. Kyle,
    I am using Strathmore 500 series bristol. It is indestructible.

  6. What is inkwash? Because I love the look of it.

  7. Hi Aedan,
    The Inkwash in this case is FWInks diluted with water and painted in like watercolor. If you can't find FWInks then you might try dr. Martins India inks, which seem to work about the same for me.

  8. So when you say watercolor and ink, is the ink part just all the final line work?

  9. Hi Aedan,

    In this case it is also the values too. In Rackham's method it would be more the linework.
    To see how Rackham's method works check out William Stout's article here: http://www.williamstout.com/news/journal/?p=3

  10. What color(s) ink are you using in the inkwash stage?

  11. Hi Aedan,

    I think this one was Dr. Martins Brown.