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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Selling Brush Sets Again!

So I am selling Brush Sets again for Photoshop.  And to kick things off, I am releasing the undead.  

Er, I mean the undead brushes.  When I started working on Resistance 3 I knew that I needed to create a completely new set of brushes to tackle this kind of work.  As you all know, most of my previous work had to do with pastel bunnies frolicking in magical fields of clover. I hadn't done as much of this super gritty work before, and this called for something new.  Something serious, something that could handle brains-on-the-wall mayhem and carnage.  

So I created the Zombie Brush Set.  It solved all my problems with how to deal with the undead, leaving me free to tend to my cactus garden and get back to painting adorable kittens.    

To see these brushes in action, check out the demo:

How To Paint a Zombie


  1. oh this one is funky ! He have something hilarious... between scary and funny such as zombies from shaun of the dead... anyway, this is good job !

  2. Fantastic Justin. What a crazy different project. I'm glad you enjoyed it and were not eaten by zombies. Perhaps you have mentioned this before, but have you explained how you create your brush sets?

    Thanks sir!

  3. Oh, that is fun! Thanks for the little film. The brushes look fantastic!

  4. Can you use the brush sets with Photoshop CS3? Or would I need the latest version of Photoshop?

  5. Hey Sarah,
    There are old school classic versions of the Texture set and Watercolor Blossom set that will work on all versions of CS. They are all lower down the page on the brush store.
    The Zombie set was made on CS5, so it won't work on CS3. Adobe added some new blending features to the brushes in CS5 (which I love) but unfortunately those new features make brushes made in CS5 incompatible with the old versions of CS.

  6. Awww, well I guess I will have to work with what I got. I'm not really that photoshop savvy yet anyways. This could be something to remember for future reference. Nice zombies by the way, they look quite scary.