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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Is Coming

So I am selling prints again. I currently have 4 up on my store, including 2 from the St. George Series and one from the AWOL Series.  Check them out here.  

All the prints are giclee on fine art paper and have been individually signed and numbered.

Holiday Bear Delivers Your Packages Safely. 

The sketchbooks however... have sold out. We sold through 200 in 2 weeks. 

And now that I have told that to the world, my family will be expecting absurdly lavish gifts for Christmas.  Like the 14k gold kitten collar and the diamond-encrusted yacht that have recently appeared on their wish lists. 

I am working on getting a second print run together and hopefully will have some in time for Christmas. Until then though, check out the new prints!


  1. Awesome! You are sending me broke you know! :D

  2. Who wants a diamond encrusted yacht when they could have an AWOL print? Kids these days...
    Loving my sketchbook by the way Justin - Unfortunately it looks like my art habit will have to be put on hold 'til after Christmas - the coffers are a wee bit thin!