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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spectrum Live and Updates

Many things are happening... The first is Spectrum Live in 2 weeks. Will you be there? WILL YOU BE THERE?


Second, due to increasingly hostile demands, I am currently having my 2010, 2011 and 2012 sketchbooks reprinted. They are being printed as we speak, and will be available for order sometime next week.  Please, no violence! I can get you the goods!  

The 2011 and 2012 books are the same as the previous printings.  However, the 2010 is special.  This time I am printing it on much high quality paper, and am also including a number of extra spreads of many of the sketches and sepia paintings that have not been seen before.  (And that I had always wished I had been able to put in the first printing.)  

As soon as they come in I will announce it on my blog and put them up on my etsy store. I am going to do sketches in the first 10 orders of each book! BE PREPARED. 

And third, TLC Workshops are running an early-bird special in conjunction with Spectrum Fantastic Arts Live! If you register for the Justin Gerard/Cory Godbey workshop before the event is over on May 20 you will receive 10% off the regular tuition price. Contact Tara Chang at TLCWorkshops1@gmail.com if you have any questions. Check it out here.

The workshop is going to be a ton of fun. Why? Because I will be there and Cory Godbey will be there. That is twice the action, twice the intensity, twice the sensational juggling. To get a preview, or to judge wether or not Cory and I really exist in the real life, come visit us at booth #513 at Spectrum Live. 



    I recently raided a forgotten troll cave and will come bearing gems and ancient gold with which to purchase your fine goods.

    Also, I'm planning on attending the TLC workshop - I've been promoting it all over the place hoping that it can fill up! Rumor has it that it may be cancelled if it doesn't fill up, so I'm trying to see that it does.

    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you and Cory, proving that your mad art skills are not due to alien intelligence, and buying most anything you two bring.
    See you soon!

  2. Awesome! So glad to hear about the sketchbooks–I never got a chance to pick up the first two, and I'm excited to see them re-released. Sadly, TLC/Spectrum isn't an option, although it would be amazing to learn from both you and Cory.

  3. I'm all over all 3 of the sketchbooks and I will be one of the first 10 or else. Just kidding lol Thanks for doing this!

  4. I see the rat ninja is coming along nicely :)

  5. Hej hej Justin. Any news regarding the sketchbooks? ;) Currently checking your etsy site daily... I don't wanna miss that chance! ;D

    I really LOVE your piece of the Silmarillion - such a wonderful scene.

    All the best from Uppsala, Sweden!

  6. You said the sketchbooks will be on sale "next week" last week - is it delayed? When will it be on sale? Thanks!