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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Mad Bull

The Mad Bull is a spot animation that I have been working on Portland Studios.  Its a mini commercial of sorts, involving the efforts of several magical creatures who work here at the studio.  
I provided the imagery and conceptual development work. I am not really much of an animator, and most of the moving elements are thanks to the effects work of our in-house, digital guru Danny McNight. 
Although I am relatively new to the animation field, I love working with moving pictures and sequential art. There's something wonderful about making worlds come to life with movement. And although painting imagery for animation has many similarities to the illustration I am more used to, it is interesting to me just how different an undertaking it is to doing static images for animation. 

I will be posting some of the development work next week.  Until then, drop in over at the Portland site and check it out.  


  1. Lovely design. I dig the audio too. Are you guys doing all of that in house? Nice work:)

  2. Love the painting WIP postings you have below!! The Mad Bull piece ROCK!

  3. It looks wonderful so far, please post more :)

  4. Great work! I found your site through the "Lines and Colors" blog.

    Your "The Hobbit" illustrations are so beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest.

  5. I enjoyed the Mad Bull. Great concept. The imagery is excellent as always.

  6. Just checked out the short animation you have on the site, it looks beautiful. Can't wait to see more!