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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baron Von Fiddleworth

For Christmas this year, my girlfriend and I exchanged oil paintings. At the time, I was into fruit bats and World War II documentaries.  So naturally, this is what I came up with for hers:

Baron Von Fiddlesworth
9" x 12"
Oil on Panel

We had agreed that we would exchange 8" x 10" sepia paintings so that it wouldn't be too much panic on each other during the holidays. For hers, I did what I think everyone would agree is a completely reasonable amount of cheating and and painted it 9" x 12".

Digital Sketch

But she did a clearly unreasonable amount of cheating by painting mine in color. Which I think everyone can agree is pretty messed up when.  Hers is also amazingly gorgeous. You can see it herehttp://anniestegg.com/gallery/#/antiquated-thoughts/


  1. Wow Justin! Looks like you've found a girlfriend with mad oil painting ability. She has some amazing work on her site! And Baron Von Fiddleworth is pretty dapper as well.

  2. I must say that I quite like the Baron. Especially the eyepatch.

  3. Hey Justin, I've seen your work a bunch of times before especially in the several Spectrum books I have but I just stumbled across your blog via the muddy colors blog and I'm glad I did. You have some amazing work man and I completely agree with your passion for drawing and preserving the original energy of the sketch. I'm in school for illustration right now and taking all of my classes online through Academy of Art University. I have been sitting her looking at your sketches posts for about an hour now and understand that you use a variety of surfaces and mediums, bristol, copy paper, vellum, toned paper, etc, and was wondering how large you usually draw them and how you photograph or scan them especially if they're bigger than the scanner. This is my biggest problem I'm having in my classes since I obviously have to scan or photograph everything to submit it and you're photographs for your posts all look amazing. I've tried a few different setups and they all seem to come out like crap, especially anything on vellum. Thanks.

    1. Hey Sean, I rarely do drawings larger than 11x17"' - which is the size of my scanner. Most of my drawings are around 9x12. I don't like piecing things together if I don't have to. My watercolors I do larger, around 16x20, and I often have to piece them together.
      I use an Epson GT15000 scanner. It is one of the best scanners ever made. You can find used ones on Ebay for around $400. Totally worth it IMO.
      For quality, I scan everything in at 600 dpi. I may down-res it later, but I always scan in super high.

  4. This is great... And the name is ever more great!

  5. The link to your girlfriend's painting seems to be broken, or her website is down. I really wanted to see the painting!