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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Color Comp and Painting for the Boar Rider

In my last post, I went through the layout phase of the boar-rider. Today I have the finished oil painting and for comparison, my initial color comp.

Color Comp in Photoshop

This color comp is a little unusual in that I took it really far, and I did it over top of drawings that were already pretty tight.  This tightness in a color comp can be dangerous because it can make me feel a little locked in and there are less happy accidents and explorations that go on.  It trades the energy of spontaneity for an idiot-proofed coloring stage.

Painting, Oil on Gessoed Panel, 12" x 16" 

As you can see I ended up sticking fairly close to my initial color comp. The only major difference is the heavier glazes that darkened the image overall.


Lamp Post Guild Update:
#1 My course has launched!  And the powers that be have given me this:
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#2 My Llama-herding course has been post-poned indefinitely.  Please do not ask me anymore about it. 


  1. Does this illustration and the illustration with the Troll and Dwarves has any ties to a singular world or story?

  2. Awesome piece. I love how much overlap there is between the look of your digital and traditional pieces; whenever I hear someone bring up the old "digital artists are big ol' cheats who wouldn't know what to do if a paintbrush landed on them," I send them a side-by side of your oil & digital.

    Hopefully the secrets of your traditional trickery (llama hair brushes?) will be revealed in your illustration course. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Whoa! This is awesome Justin! Would like to see more pieces like these!

  4. I love the blend of dwarvish awesomeness with an almost Aztec-influenced architectural feel. And I'm also hyped about the Lamppost Guild course, and am appreciative of the discount code.

  5. Amazing lighting..i'm freezed..!!

  6. Nice work on The Craft of Illustration course trailer (the Llama one too)!

  7. Amazing, painting background with snow is really realistic..