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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Great Goblin: Watercolor


  1. I'm really interested in the stage between sketch and watercolor. It seems not that of a long step for you. But the sketches looks more of a thumbnail or section views of the layout, do you iterate a lot on the "outline" part?

  2. And by that I mean of course that I love both the composition and the details. And I'm really looking forward to see the light play out on the faces of the characters and the environment. Great work!

  3. Soooo bloody brilliant... :)

    Love the composition and detail.

    And the Goblin Kings sword looks Awesome!!! :D looks like some nice carvings on the scabbard as well??

    Killer top notch stuff as usual.
    Cant wait to see it finished! :)

  4. Christian,
    I regret that on this particular piece I neglected to scan in my pencil drawing. So there is a gaping hole in my posts for this piece. Which is terrible because the final drawing is indeed a long step and is really the most important element of the whole process. If the drawing fails then the whole illustration will almost certainly fail as well in spite of all the digital tricks I can devise. The drawing is the most essential part of an illustration. In my haste to see this one realized I jumped right into watercoloring it once I finished the drawing. I usually will wait a day after finishing a drawing before beginning the watercolor stage. Often when I come back to the piece I can correct problems in the drawing that I could only see after having let it sit for awhile.

  5. Mad,
    Those are indeed carvings on the scabbard of that scimitar. Goblin-made of course!

    For all of you following these Hobbit posts, you should check out the MAD Dwarf Workshop. http://www.maddwarfworkshop.com/
    Swordsmiths David DelaGardelle and Andy Davis design and forge some of the most tremendously beautiful weapons based on epics and Nordic Mythologies I have ever seen. They have some really fantastic Hobbit related pieces in their collection. Check out their flickr photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40735115@N00/2967427745/

  6. Wow, man... this is looking gorgeous. I'm way excited to see the finish!!

    Also, thanks for the heads up on that dwarf workshop site, I was just browsing around on it, it is so amazing :X

  7. Justin, Thanks so much for sharing all your steps on these peices. It really is inspiring for an aspiring illustrator like me to see how professionals work. Again, thanks, and keep up the great work!

  8. Justin, very, very nice! Thank you for sharing! I'm inspired!