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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MicroVisions No 1

For those of you who missed last Wednesday's post, I am going to be entering a single 5x7 oil painting into this year's MicroVision's show. This piece is going to be done without my usual digital trickery. It will be a completely original, unmonkeyed-with painting. 
I will be a Jedi with no mind powers, a samurai with no sword, a man without any pants on. 
(Some of you may say that pants, swords and mind powers are all overrated, but still, I feel a bit naked without my tricks.)


Now, this series is going to be a little different than past series because I would like to ask everyone's feedback to decide which of these I should send in. The main question is, which of these paintings will do the best at an auction?
My deadline is next Tuesday, the 24th. So, with that in mind I am going to break with tradition and post these pieces very quickly, with their development stages all at once. I am going to post a new one each day. Then I am going to post the final 4 Monday morning at 9 AM. If you can make it, swing by here Monday and cast your vote!

MicroVisions No. 1


  1. WOW....great start. Really enjoy this. Definitely has a bit different feeling to it than your watercolor/digital. A good different though.

  2. You know...a couple of years ago, when I first started checking out your work, I thought to myself, "Self, you can do this! Just do a simple drawing...scan it...then 'fix' it in Photoshop." I have since come to the realization that Self is stupid and I could no more paint something this detailed, this amazing, than I could squeeze a piece of coal and produce a diamond.

  3. Predictably, great work considering the constraints. To my mind, you've lost the guy's eye from your initial values stage. This could be affect the piece's performance at auction.

  4. Wow, that is wonderful. I agree about losing the eye in the last two, in the first there is much more feeling in the man's face. But the coloring leaves you looking a lot longer either of the second two.

  5. Gorgeous painting.
    I really love it.

  6. Simply fantastic. I have no critiques.