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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Gryphon Hunters on GalleryGerard.com

The final high-res of The Gryphon Hunters is finished!  
Check it out on our new blog at:

I won't be updating this blog for much longer. In the future all of my posts will be on Gallerygerard.com. I will also continue to contribute posts on Muddycolors as well. 

However, while I won't be posting here, I will be leaving this blog up for as long as Google will let me. We had some good times here and I'd hate to just take it all down. 

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  1. Hello Justin! So sad to see you leave blogspot but I think your new blog feeds on my reader so I'll still follow you. please just leave all your content here because I still love your artworks, even the old ones and I like scrolling back to them sometimes. thank so much and looking forward to seeing the new stuff! :)