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Monday, March 23, 2009

MicroVisions Final Four: Cast Your Vote!

No. 1

No. 2 

No. 3

No. 4

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MicroVisions No 4

Friday, March 20, 2009

MicroVisions No 3

(click image for larger version)

I tried to take a few more photos for this piece to detail the steps. I like to keep a record of the steps of my pieces. I hate doing something in a painting that turns out amazing and then going to try and recreate the effect in a later piece only to find that I have no idea how I did it before.
So I often take notes in the steps to help capture it.  

In this piece, you will notice a lot of reworking, specifically in the color changes from the 3rd to last and the 2nd to last pieces.  A glaze kind of got away from me there, and the image changed pretty drastically. (Now, where's the control+z button on this canvas thing again?) 
In the end I am still pleased with how it turned out, but now I know what medium not to use when glazing in the future... 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

MicroVisions No 2

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MicroVisions No 1

For those of you who missed last Wednesday's post, I am going to be entering a single 5x7 oil painting into this year's MicroVision's show. This piece is going to be done without my usual digital trickery. It will be a completely original, unmonkeyed-with painting. 
I will be a Jedi with no mind powers, a samurai with no sword, a man without any pants on. 
(Some of you may say that pants, swords and mind powers are all overrated, but still, I feel a bit naked without my tricks.)


Now, this series is going to be a little different than past series because I would like to ask everyone's feedback to decide which of these I should send in. The main question is, which of these paintings will do the best at an auction?
My deadline is next Tuesday, the 24th. So, with that in mind I am going to break with tradition and post these pieces very quickly, with their development stages all at once. I am going to post a new one each day. Then I am going to post the final 4 Monday morning at 9 AM. If you can make it, swing by here Monday and cast your vote!

MicroVisions No. 1

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cory Godbey Show

Cory Godbey has announced that he is having an art exhibition April 3rd. Prepare to have your socks rocked off.  If you are in Greenville, SC around thereabouts you should stop in and check it out.  

I have been able to go over and spy on him as he has been working on the show a few times in the past few weeks and it is looking really great. (He did most of the show with his arm in a sling. See example here.
He has posted a lot of progress on the paintings on his Lightnightrains blog as well as the back stories to these images.  One of my favorite aspects of Cory's work is his really wonderful sense of color theory. These thumbnail color comps for the show are really splendid: 

This show will be rather unique in that he will be displaying a lot of this developmental material at the show itself. It should be a really great insight into how he develops his images. I'm really looking forward to it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Misty Mountain Walk

I took a hike up through the Smoky Mountains on the AT a little while back and I am just now getting around to posting these photos. It turned out to be the absolute best Smoky Mountain weather. Hazy, ominous and cold, like a Caspar David Friedrich painting. There is nothing quite like it for clearing your head.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Invitation to Microvisions at the Society of Illustrators and a Confession

I'm honored to have been asked to submit to this year's Microvisions show at the Society of Illustrators. MicroVisions is a charity auction for the Society's student scholarship fund that is put on by Dan Dos Santos and Irene Gallo. It goes up April 3rd and will be on display for a month before the pieces are set up for auction on ebay.

This year there are some amazing artists that will be contributing. Among them is Gregory Manchess, whom I must credit with the bulk of my painting eduction.

When I was in college I stole a Step by Step Graphics guide that featured an amazingly helpful demonstration by Manchess. I picked it off the shelf, leafed through it, and immediately, I recognized its immense, earth-shattering value. Then, without breathing, without altering a single a muscle, I looked left and then right, like a crocodile, invisible at the water's surface. The magazine snapped into my jacket and I fled out of the library, ducked past the hostess and ran off into the night, clutching this prize to my chest. 
I know that I am a terrible person. I know that I have stolen from future generations so that I could possess this treasure as my own, so that I could hide its dark secrets away inside my brain, swirling through tiny solar systems and packed into cabinets full of old memories. It is a tragedy, I know.

But now, thanks to this Microvisions show, I feel like I can make amends for my past wrongdoing. I feel like I finally can make penance for this terrible act of barbarism against education. Yes, that's right, I am hoping that by contributing to a charity auction that furthers young artist's eductions I will be able to amend this wickedness from my youth.

However, (and this may baffle theologians) if I had it all to do again I have no doubt in my mind that I would immediately steal this Step by Step guide on Manchess again. (moreover, I would also take that other one on Peter DeSeve that Cory got away with.) 

I know it's wrong, but this magazine is a reliquary. It's mine! It is precious to me. Yes, precious... It's mine, it came to me!

Anyway, all that to say I am terrified to be up on display next to such amazing illustrators. (See the final terrifying list here) I wouldn't miss it for the world. My plan is to paint three of these 5 x 7 pieces before April. I am painting three, first as a safeguard against turning in something lousy, and second as a chance to experiment and learn more about oils. So in the coming weeks I will be posting a few of these and hopefully sharing some findings with everyone.

Until then, I want to send my sincerest apologies to every student out there whom I have wronged by stealing that Step by Step guide on Gregory Manchess back in college. To the innocent youth whose chances at a future I have dashed in my greed.  Although I refuse to give it back, (and will take it with me to the grave) I believe I can offer you something just as good and that no serious student of illustration should be without:
It is a link to the demo that Gregory Manchess did with Massive Black. It details in real-time most of what was in that Step by Step guide and it is every bit as valuable. This video is worth its weight in gold. 

Greg Manchess is an illustration ninja. He has uncanny powers.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Hobbit: Time to Head Back to the Shire

I'd like to take a post to thank everyone for all the great feedback you have contributed and for following along as I have posted the progress of the Hobbit project! It has been a lot of fun and it has turned out to be everything I had hoped it would be. I feel like I have learned a great deal in working through all these and from all of the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

I had originally intended to do just 6 images from the story. Now that I have finished the original 6 and am here in the series, I find that there are still 2 others that I would still need to take a shot at.  (sketches coming soon)

These Hobbit pieces have taken a long time to finish, mainly because of how difficult it has proven to try and fit them in between commissions and other client work. Recently, this has gotten worse because client work has picked up pretty heavily (a great problem to have, considering the plummeting economic situation.) And so I am going to have to put the remaining pieces on hold for a little while until things cool down again. I plan to do these 2 last images from the Hobbit sometime before Del Toro and Jackson start throwing their bombs into my head. But it may take me a little while...
In the meantime, I have posted a Hobbit gallery of this work on the Justingerard.com website that will hopefully be a little easier to navigate through than the blog. Thanks again for following along and for all the great feedback.  

Tuesday, March 03, 2009