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Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Hobbit: Time to Head Back to the Shire

I'd like to take a post to thank everyone for all the great feedback you have contributed and for following along as I have posted the progress of the Hobbit project! It has been a lot of fun and it has turned out to be everything I had hoped it would be. I feel like I have learned a great deal in working through all these and from all of the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

I had originally intended to do just 6 images from the story. Now that I have finished the original 6 and am here in the series, I find that there are still 2 others that I would still need to take a shot at.  (sketches coming soon)

These Hobbit pieces have taken a long time to finish, mainly because of how difficult it has proven to try and fit them in between commissions and other client work. Recently, this has gotten worse because client work has picked up pretty heavily (a great problem to have, considering the plummeting economic situation.) And so I am going to have to put the remaining pieces on hold for a little while until things cool down again. I plan to do these 2 last images from the Hobbit sometime before Del Toro and Jackson start throwing their bombs into my head. But it may take me a little while...
In the meantime, I have posted a Hobbit gallery of this work on the Justingerard.com website that will hopefully be a little easier to navigate through than the blog. Thanks again for following along and for all the great feedback.  


  1. Hey Justin,

    It has been so exciting and inspiring every time you posted a new piece from the project.

    Thanks for charting your progress in the blog, great to see your process and the mix of traditional and digital.

    Great to also hear there will be 2 more coming our way soon too - can't wait to see them and to see what scenes you decide to depict.


  2. Thanks for sharing, Justin. It's been a delight.

  3. love what you have been doing. Looking forward to what the future holds for you and your art

  4. Thank YOU for letting us watch you over your shoulder these last few months. It has been so much fun, and I've learned alot. This series is some of your best work ever. Keep it up, and congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!

  5. Your Hobbit project has been inspiring. Thanks for sharing with your fans.

  6. Forgot to ask: will these ever been made available as prints for purchase? A book perhaps? pretty please?

  7. I expect to see your Hobbit work in the new editions of Tolkien's masterpiece yet to come out! Well done, sir.

  8. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So cool Justin!

  10. Absolutely beautiful work, look forward to seeing more.

  11. Justin

    Being an avid Tolkien fan, I've been following this blog with great excitement and can't wait to see more of your work. Your process alone is quite interesting, the finishes blow me away every time. Keep it up, man.


  12. Justin,

    So cool. I love your work and I appreciate you sharing it with us out here on the interwebs.

    I believe Professor Tolkien would have enjoyed your work.

    Continued Blessings.

  13. It's been a pleasure watching. I look forward to more.

  14. That was the first time I checked out your website and I loved the Lancelot piece. Any chance I could see it bigger? =)

  15. Hey Cody,
    Check out: http://quickhidehere.blogspot.com/2008/10/acm-2-final-render.html
    to see a larger version.

    And check out: http://quickhidehere.blogspot.com/search/label/ACM
    to see the process work on the piece.

    I don't know wether prints will ever be able to be made because of the rights issues. Keep checking in though, if anything does develop as far as books or prints I will be sure to let everyone here know. I would love to be a part of some larger Tolkien work at some point.

    Thanks again everyone for the great feedback!

  16. Thank you very much! I did a search on Lancelot and didn't find anything, and now I feel dumb for not simply checking previous posts, ha ha.

    These are such an inspiration. I love watercolor myself, but I've been leaning towards the digital medium for the reasons you gave. Now I see that you can marry both and come up with something fantastic.

    Where do you go to print them out on canvas? One thing I love about traditional mediums is the tactile experience of actually being able to hold them, so doing what you did sounds like a great idea. I'd buy a print if those Lancelot piece were ever offered =)

  17. great work. congratulations.

  18. Great stuff, Justin. Love seeing your process.

  19. What a great discovery! One of my great pleasures is to stumble upon on artist that you instantly want to send links to every friend you know that loves fantasy art :) Thank you for all your hard work! What a privilege to view the art of someone who has taken the talents God has given them and worked so hard to see them mature!