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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Hobbit: Wolf-Rider Watercolor Step #1

This is the second study in preparation for the Battle of Five Armies. (I know you are thinking that I am just stalling at this point and that I should be getting on with it about now.  Maybe so, but I really want to get this one right!)

My plan for this Wolf Rider piece is to take the watercolor stage further, past my usual stopping point of colored underpainting that has been the base for the previous Hobbit pieces.  This is the first sitting and what you see here is about my usual stopping point for a transition to digital. Achieving the real deep darks in watercolor without losing control of the piece has always been something of a challenge for me.  
In the next few posts I will be posting my progress with this.  

Side Note:
On the digital front, my pc is still a smoking ruin, and I am still saving my pennies for a glorious 8x core Mac Pro.  (Example Below


  1. Oh man!! You are one of the greats!!

  2. this is superb work- love it all, especially the beautiful loose textures in the head of the wolf. Does it really need that much digital workin'?

  3. thanks for the nightmares, man.

    the "glorious" propaganda should help abate my fears though. that was funny.

  4. The watercolor studies are great. Lack of digital enhancement isn't affecting it one bit. Bravo!

  5. Rocking hard man... Can't wait to see where this goes. I'm reading the FELLOWSHIP again. It's great to stay in the Tolkein universe!

  6. Fabulous Justin.
    For my money this is an almost finished illustration.
    Your watercolours have a lot of life in them.