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Monday, February 09, 2009

The Battle of Five Armies: Color Comp

The color comp for this scene is important because it will set much of the tone of the piece. The Hobbit, by and large is a more charming story than the Lord of the Rings, mainly because it is narrated by a charming individual, in Bilbo Baggins. The Lord of the Rings is narrated from several points of view and flows more like a historical narrative. Because of this it gains a epic quality that The Hobbit lacks. The Lord of the Rings is really scary in moments. When Tolkien begins talking about Sauron and the coming battles, the writing takes on a terrifying, apocalyptic quality that reminds the reader of William Blake's ominous writing. 
That being said, I don't want this scene to be too dark, or as seriously scary as some of the moments from the Lord of the Rings would be. I want it to be pretty bright, and to have the brightly lit feel of a classical European battle painting.


  1. This is going to be fantastic, Justin - I'm really excited!

    One question - are those mountains in the background? Isn't the lonely mountain supposed to be lonely?

  2. To quote the A-Team, a show I have never seen in my life:
    'I love it when a plan comes together!'
    The lighting is superb in this one!

  3. This looks epic Justin and awesome. Quick suggestion since you are at the comp stage and not yet too far in, you may want to play with cropping and get the focal point out of the dead center. This looks like a great opportunity to get some cool compositional lines with the figures and large fg shapes. Could a couple of the birds be diving in attack as well?

    Anyway, unsolicited feedback, this painting is destined to be great like the others. I love following your process.