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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Battle of Five Armies: Sketches

Layout sketch.  

I have had this image pretty clear in my head for some time now, so there isn't much need for a variety of thumbnails on the overall layout of the image. Usually I will do a dozen or so from different angles to get the feel of the scene and find which fits the best. This is a rare exception where the layout is already perfectly clear in my head. What is not clear yet and what will need a lot of development sketch work is the individual figures, and the general havoc and stupefying mayhem.  


  1. Very cool!.....I am eager to watch this move and undulate and you start to bring it all together. I can already start to hear the shrieks of horror, the beating of drums, the scrapping of iron against bone.

  2. I would have Thorin on the lower right corner, with fili and kili shielding him from blows with their bodies. And have some of the goblins attacking them giving a startled glance over their shoulder at Beorn.

    Dramatic tension, Justin - it would be great!

  3. It's when artists take on challenges like this that I get blown away.
    I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

  4. You have incredibles ilustrations here!Nice to meet your work!:D