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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Mad Bull Developmental Work

Concept Development work of city scene

Early production still from city scene

Building our city and assembling the Minotank

This was most complicated scene in the project and was the one I had the most fun assembling.  It was like building cities with legos as a kid. 

The purpose for building lego cities is self-evident; they are built to be destroyed. 
The real tragedy for me is that all this work is only up there for a few seconds. 

The Minotank was also great fun to assemble.  I love steam-powered, clockwork machines.Or at least, I love the idea of steam-powered, clockwork machines. 
Danny, who constituted the entire animation team on this project, worked some real magic in making the Minotank come to life.  I gave him a baffling assortment of gears and plates and pistons and smoke and I think it nearly killed him, but he pulled it altogether. It was really exciting to finally see this thing stomping around, knocking over buildings and billowing smoke.  

Early storyboards

There is a story contest for this on the Portland Studios Blog
I am really curious to see what people submit for this. 


  1. Minotank -- the word itself oozes coolness.

  2. I really like this! Steam-powered machines are things I love to draw too. What kind of reference material did you use for this video?

  3. Amazing work!

    I love to see the magical machine and you show artistic talent in it.

  4. This was just totally brilliant! I love it. Am developing a narrative and will send it over in the next few days or so. Great stuff.

  5. Great! I eagerly await the finished product. :)