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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Online Illustration Courses

I have finally gotten around to doing some online illustration courses. Now, for the millions of you who have written me clamoring for a course on how I make the perfect chocolate-chip cookie, I'm sorry, but you will have to wait.

In the meantime though, I am working on an in-depth course on illustration through the Lamp Post Guild. The course will be super in depth and will offer demos and step-by-step lessons which you will complete at your own pace.  I will also personally give you a llama.

In my day, art education had largely to do with stealing books from libraries, or abducting experts and holding them at gunpoint until they told you everything. It was not unlike working with the mafia.  Except we were after art training, and we didn't go in for silly hats.
Today, using the magic of the world wide web, we no longer need to use guns, threats of violence or even money laundering to get an art education.
It's actually quite exciting how things have come along.  Sure, we will miss the smell of cordite and gun oil after a long day of learning, but overall I think it is progress.

If you are interested, follow twitter.com/lamppostguild for updates.

*Note - I was kidding about the llama.  Please don't ask me for a llama if you see me at a show.  I will not give you a llama.  


  1. Very good to know! Looking forward to it and will def sign up. If you run out of Llamas, I'd also consider a Guanaco. Thanks!

  2. I just tried to go to lpg.pathwright.com, and all it says is forbbiden... I am distressed, because you have gotten me chomping at the bit to check out what LPG is all about! And if you actually cannot provide me with a llama, alpaca my own.

  3. It's because lpg actually means "llama planning group", and you are forbidden from seeing it because you are llama-less. If you lived in Montana and had a llama farm, you could see their secret plots. We on the outside can only wonder what is about to be unleashed on the world...


  5. Los Llamas! "It has two ears, a heart, and forehead, and a beak for eating honey!"

    ...ps can't wait for the Illustration course!

  6. Justin, I can't wait to get in on this class! I've been wishing for something like this for years. Gonna be super. I also heard today that Cory and Chris Koelle are doing these as well, so this is great news. Really eager to learn more about it all. I'll be signing up ASAP!

  7. Pumped about this for Aedan. Thanks again for Hutchmoot, JG! We loved having you around.

  8. I'm thrilled to learn that someday soon I'll be able to acquire the secrets of an expert illustrator without treading any legal or moral gray areas.

    Should you ever decide to barter your knowledge, though, I have actually developed the most amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe. It involves finely milled walnuts, and is recorded in foolproof units of mass - your choice of metric or imperial.

    (Your llamas will love these cookies, by the way. I understand there are going to be llamas.)

  9. Loved your golden llama. I actually was involved in llama 4-H for seven years, training and showing llamas. To have an interest in llamas must be a common, underlying trait among illustrators!