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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sketchbook 2012: Ents & Orcs

Sketchbook 2012
9 x 6, 44 Pages, Full Color

Each year for the past few years I have been doing a new sketchbook based around one of my personal projects that I am engaged in at the time. Some previous examples are The Silver Age in 2010, and The St. George and Other Works in 2011, both of which were a a lot of fun for me.

This year, I am delving back into Tolkien. Specifically, I have been working on the struggle between the Ents and the Orcs from The Two Towers.  Apart from being some of Tolkien's most interesting characters, there is a dynamic that exists between Ents and Orcs that has always fascinated for me.

It is a curiously human relationship that seems to exist between these two distinctly non-human characters.  While they are constructions of fantasy, they offer a reflection of our own struggle to both master nature and at the same time care for it.

The Sketchbooks are going live today at 12 Noon EST and I will be selling them on my store HERE.  

All are signed, but as with last year, I will be doing drawings in the first 50 orders.
Click HERE to see how some of last year's first 50 turned out.

I will also be selling these at DragonCon in Atlanta later this month. Stop by and say hi if you happen to be out that way!


  1. Hi Justin.

    Atlanta...a little bit far away from Germany to stop by...arrrg.. :-(((
    But I will try to get one of those sketchbooks in Germany if its possible..

    Love the Films and your Art!

  2. Man...man, man, man, man, man. Ents an orcs, that is awesome.

  3. This looks fantastic :) just need to wait for my pay to arrive!

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  5. Absolutely awesome!! Do you mind sharing what medium you are using?

  6. Hi Justin! I ordered your book the day it came out! When do you think they'll be ready to ship?

    1. Hi Janet,
      The books will ship out this week. I will post it here when they go out!

  7. Hi Justin,
    Is there any of the 2012 sketchbooks left? Either I have a bug or the store doesn't show them anymore. It seems to have only the 2011 one...

    1. They are back up!!! Sorry everyone, I was at DragonCon and have been AWOL for a few days. We are back in action!

  8. Justin, I just want to thank you for your digital presentation at Dragon*Con. You are truly amazing and inspiring...and funny! Your work intimidates me and motivates me to keep getting better! Thanks for making my con weekend awesome! I hope someday to share panel with you. :D

  9. Justin,

    Are there still 2012 sketchbooks left? Those look awesome, I just discovered this site. :)