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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sketchbook 2012 Shipping Out!

Sketchbook 2012: Ents & Orcs ships out today!  
 The first 50 are individually numbered and have a personal drawing in them.  

#1 this year went to Dave from Kalamazoo, who managed to order in the first 15 seconds of it being live somehow. I believe that aliens were somehow involved. Dave isn't saying anything.  Either way, he will be getting a dragon. 

The sketches this year feature a lot of wizards, dragons, vikings, elves and as you might expect, a lot of Ents...

 ...and orcs. 

But there are also dwarves,

 And others of a less than savory nature...

As well as some old friends, 

And the Were-rabbit makes his return for #40:

If you haven't gotten one and are interested, there are still a few left on the Store.
And I will of course be selling them at DragonCon this weekend in Atlanta.  

Thanks again for all the orders and support! You guys are awesome. 


  1. Awesome sketchbook sir..looking forward to it!!! :)

  2. Whoa! Thanks, Justin! No aliens were harmed in the purchasing of this sketchbook... Time travel never fails.

  3. Have all fifty sold yet? I'd love to get one with a sketch in it. I'll still be getting it regardless :)

  4. I love that little plant you have there! Do you know what it is? (also, the sketchbooks are great!)

    1. It is called a Tiger's Jaw. It is a South African succulent. (It is just about the only plant that I can manage to keep alive.)

  5. :D I received my copy today, with sketch n°10 (an orc)!! :D I love it!! Thank you so much, today it's my birthday and this is the best present!! <3 <3

  6. Got my copy in the mail today with the orc from n° 22 in it! Thanks Justin :)

  7. Dear Justin,

    I so would love to order one but I cant find any in your store:( please help me out?
    your's sincerly,

    Alco ( a new fan from the Netherlands)