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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sketchbook 2013 Shipping Out!

Last week I shipped out all the 2013 sketchbook orders!  We sold out of the DELUXE editions on day one, and now it's time to roll the dice and see who got what!

There is no rhyme or reason to these sketches, I just sit down and sketch for about 3 days and see what turns up. As the drawings are finished the sketchbooks are placed in order and then whatever number you are when you order, that is the one you get.

Sometimes you get wizards...

...And sometimes you get crocs.

And maybe more wizards.

And maybe a few Ents.

There were also a lot of mostly harmless dragons.

And a lot of angry dwarves.  

And some lucky person gets #43, which was probably my favorite of the bunch:

It was a good batch and I hope everyone likes them. Until next year...  

To see the sketches from previous years:


  1. I think I'd be pretty darned happy with any of those!

  2. Mine just arrived yesterday, and I was extremely pleased to receive #1 of the deluxe edition sketchbooks–I've looked through it, and think it's equal to any of the previous sketchbooks, and I was also thrilled to hear that "The Four Dwarves" is going to be made into a book! Fantastic work, Mr. Gerard–I eagerly look forward to your next project!

  3. Last time i wrote because i had a little problem with my package. I think it was somethin unusual so I decided to forget the incident,because I think it was through no fault of you, surely the postal service .. (I hate them... :P ), so this time, i have to write, because i have to say that the package has arrived all right!

    My sketch is nº9!

    Love it!!
    Love the new paper!
    Love the sketches!
    Love everything!
    Your work is really amazing!

    Greetings from Spain!

  4. ...No 14 has arrived and both book and sketch look amazing!
    Thank you so much Justin for going above and beyond....!!

  5. #4 here and I couldn't be happier! Justin even helped me after I entered the wrong shipping address!!!

    The quality of the sketchbook is really nice, I like the color paper it was printed on. It feels like the drawings are actually drawings and not a scan. My personal sketch in the front cover even looks like it matches the rest in the sketchbook!

    Also, as far as the sketches here go, I LOVE the #36 croc! Lucky! :)