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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unfinished Business: The Silmarillion

A few years ago I did a number of illustrations from the Silmarillion.  It was a personal project that I did in my spare time.  

As with other personal projects of mine, when client work started coming in I had to shelve it.  

I hate to leave projects behind, but it happens every now and then.  I think it is really good to have a store of unfinished work to go back to.  That way you are never bored. There is always something you could be working on; something more you could be exploring. 

This little study of a Noldor elf and a werewolf is at the top of my little list of paintings to get back to when the time allows.  


  1. As a huge fan of your Silmarillion pieces, I'm glad to hear that they might be getting some more attention. And I love the way the lighting is looking in that color comp.

  2. Great concept art! I immediately thought about Beren fighting Carcharoth, but a Noldor fighting a werewolf makes sense too ;)

    Hopefully you can come back to it soon and share it once it's finished.

    Best regards,


  3. Great work as always

    I'd love for one of the annual sketchbooks to be Silmarillion-themed one of these years ;)

    1. I have actually been considering it for a while. There are still a number of other images I'd like to tackle first but it is a definite possibility..

  4. Justin Gerard, are your Silmarillion artworks collected in a book we can buy? Or are they just in individual prints?

    1. Not yet - But I do hope to put them all into a more fully-realized collection someday. There are still a number of scenes that I would like to finish first though.

  5. You really bring these stories to life. Would be AMAZING if you could do like a Silmarillion graphic novel or even an animation! Would love to see more Beren and Luthien stuff. So much of the Silmarillion art we see tends to be a bit staid but your work is dynamic and even has a touch of humor. Can't really express how much I love your Silmarillion stuff. Would love to buy an original! Anyway great job.